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Web Products I Need To Survive

So Brad, over at UnitedTechGuys.com, wrote an interesting article about the web products that he couldn’t live without. I thought his list was pretty good. It was fairly accurate to what I would put on my list. I could just retweet his list, say it was mine and nobody would know the difference.

Then I looked at the tabs I have open on my browser and what I use all the time on my phone. I thought to myself, I would take that one off, but I would add that app. I would also add this product. I quickly came to realize my list would be a little bit different. So, here is my list. The things on the internet that I need to survive.


This is one of those apps that I almost overlooked. It’s so easy and seamless to use, that I forget it’s just doing it’s job in the background. I use Dropbox to sync all my homework and papers to all my computers so that I never have an old version. I also use it to keep my password database for KeePass on my computers and my phone. I’m never without my passwords.


I really didn’t want to put Facebook on the list, but I think it’s kind of inevitable. If I truly didn’t need it to survive, I would have deleted my account by now. But alas, every single one of my friends uses Facebook, and for most of my friends, it’s the only way that I still have contact with them. Facebook is also the easiest way that I have found to get the word out about something. Whether it be a party, a fund-raiser or even that your relationship status has changed, Facebook is the quickest way to do it.


Gmail starts off the Google group of products and is probably the number one, most important thing on this list for me. I use my email for everything from signing up for different accounts to getting and sending assignments for school. Some people think email is dead, but I would argue that point. I think my 100+ emails a day would argue that point as well.

Google Calendar

This one is pretty self explanatory. It’s a calendar. Google Calendar is the best calendar app I have come across. It syncs automagically with my Android. I have all of the important dates of my life on Google Calendar.

Google Chrome

Nobody should be using Internet Explorer anymore. There are much better browsers. Google Chrome is my choice for a better browser. The number one reason I switched from Firefox to Google Chrome was because of the built-in desktop notifications for Gmail and Google Talk. I really appreciate them.

Google Docs

At the beginning of my junior year in college, I started an experiment to see if I could make it a whole semester without using Microsoft Office and only Google Docs. A year and a half later, I’m still only using Google Docs. Google Docs is a free, completely capable, Microsoft Office alternative. Also being able to access my documents from anywhere is a big plus.

Google Maps

Who uses actual maps anymore? Not me. Plug in an address into Google Maps and see where I need to go right then. Want to find a fun, new restaurant? Type food into Google Maps and see what it recommends. Google Maps is a great asset for finding the location of new places and even just finding out they exist.

Google Reader

I have tried looking at other RSS readers but I have yet to find one as simple to use as Google Reader. That’s where I get my news and read my blogs from everyday.

Google Talk

With an Android phone, it’s so much quicker and easier to use Google Talk to text message someone than to use the actual messaging application. Not only can a user send text messages with Google Talk but they can also switch seamlessly from phone to computer and keep the conversation going. With how often I am on a computer, it is much easier to type with my computer keyboard than with the keyboard on my phone.


Everyone needs a little humor in their life. I get most of mine from Imgur. All of the funniest photos from Reddit are at your fingertips. Come see all of the inside jokes and funniest pictures before the rest of the world.


Movies, TV shows, concerts, documentaries, why would anyone want to pay for cable? I’m not a huge movie person myself but Netflix has been able to satisfy any movie/tv watching I have ever needed. Well worth the $8 a month to be able to stream anything I want to my computer or phone.


Looking for computer parts or accessories? Newegg is your one stop shop. They have absolutely anything you could want and they always have the lowest prices. I don’t know what I would do without them.


I listen to a lot of music and Pandora always knows what I want to listen to. With it’s awesome playlist generation technology that picks music that you will like based on your previous preferences, Pandora is always playing music that I like. And the first 40 hours a month are completely free!


I mentioned above that I like to buy things on the internet. Paypal makes it simpler and safer than ever. I no longer have to give out my credit card information to every website I want to purchase from, I just type in my Paypal username and password and it takes care of the rest. You can also pay and receive from friends and family with Paypal. There have been plenty of times that I have sent my brother a couple dollars with Paypal for buying me a gallon of milk while he was at the store if I don’t have any cash on me.


As an IT professional, there is no more perfect tool than Spiceworks. Spiceworks will inventory your network, print out reports as well offering one of the best communities I’ve ever been a part of. If you ever need an IT question answered, these guys are the ones to answer it.


Twitter is by far, my favorite social networking website. The amount of openness, information and quickness about it are all things that appeal to me. The headline style of writing a tweet makes it much easier to read as well as being able to follow just about anyone you want. Information travels so quick on Twitter that that’s where I hear almost all of my news from now.


Thank you Wikipedia, for helping me pass my comp classes in high school and college. Also, thank you for solving all of those meaningless fact debates with my friends. We know you are always the website to turn to in those situations.

What do you think should or shouldn’t have been on this list? Make sure you leave a comment below with your opinion. I love it when people leave their opinion.

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