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About Devon

Hi, I’m Devon. I have a lot of different bios and descriptions written about me all over the internet, so I’ll give you a short one here. I’m a System Engineer for a large company in Kansas City. I finished my MBA from Baker University in 2019. In any free time I have I try to spend time with my family, play games, drink beer, listen to music, fly my drones, go geocaching, and work on any number of different projects I’m always coming up with.

Here’s a link to some of my social media if you’re interested in connecting: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, UntappdLinkedIn, Twitch.tv, YouTube. I know there are a ton of other things I’m missing. If you’re ever looking for me, my username is either DevonSchreiner or MeatyMitts.

About This Blog

I write about anything and everything on here that is important to me. Those types of things are listed along the top of the site.

Inflecto Vita is the closest Latin translation of the phrase “Hack Life” that I could come up with. It more closely would translate to “Change Life” which honestly is just as good of a translation.

I’d like to write on this blog as often as possible. I want to do this for multiple reasons. I believe it will help me become a better writer, and it will be a good way to release stress and write all my problems away. I also think that it would be fun to be able to look back and see exactly what I was doing and thinking about on any given day. This will also serve as a digital memory for when I’m old and senile.