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Rage Of The Day

Question: What are the important things in life? A couple of things today really made me think of how much I am enjoying my life and how great it actually is.

First, I started my new job at BrightPlanet. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to use my skills, learn new ones and further myself in my career. A career that I really love. Computers are something that have not been around for long but I am glad I’ve gotten into them. I’m glad that I like my career choice now and I feel good knowing that I’m going to enjoy the rest of my working life.

The second thing that I did was played some Dance Dance Revolution! I try to exercise to make myself a little healthier, and DDR is something that I enjoy doing. Hopefully I keep it up every once and a while.

Last but probably the most important. I love being reminded that someone else loves me so much, that I know I’m never going to be alone again. Katie makes me feel like I’m actually wanted and I just get butterflies anytime I think about her. But more importantly, this is how I know she’s a keeper: She made me a rage comic!

Rage Comic About Devon And Katie
I really do have the best girlfriend in the world! :’D

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