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Day 14: 9/11/2011

Two weeks. Fourteen days straight of writing on this blog (with the exception of one day I wrote the next morning because I completely spaced it…). But non-the-less, I’m proud of myself. I’ve stuck to it for two weeks and I plan on keeping it going. I have been doing some thinking though and I’m going to be switching this up a little bit to hopefully keep it more interesting for me and for everyone else.

As of right now, I’ve just been doing a recap of the day. I did this, then this, then I went here, then this happened. It’s really boring. So instead of doing a recap, I’m going to pick one thing from the day and write a little bit more in-depth about that thing. Something I see, something I do, something I thought of or something that happens. I think this will be much more entertaining and helpful to everyone involved.

Some examples that I was thinking I could have used for the blog today: The fact that it’s the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the season opener for the Vikings today that they lost…, going to the Humane Society today, something a little bit more important that I can talk about for a while. This also leaves the blog open to more than one post/important thing a day as long as I keep to the guideline of at least once a day.

So there you have it, the one thing I talked about today is the plan for the new way I’m going to utilize this blog and try to make myself better. Chances are it will be pretty easy to figure out tomorrow’s topic, I start work at BrightPlanet tomorrow. That is also the reason I should get to bed….

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