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Day 3: 8/31/2011

Today is already the last day of August, that’s just crazy. School has started, work at the court house is almost done and that means bills are due…

I started today off by stopping at my ISP and canceling my internet service. NooOo! My wonderful 50Mbps download speeds are gone!! Oh well. I’m just going to start using and paying for Caity’s because we’ll be moving in together soon enough anyways. But then I went to the court house and put in my eight hours.
Luckily, after a long day, I got to go and have supper with my brothers. Chicago style pizza from Papa Murphy’s and beer is a pretty well balanced meal. After some Phi Kap talking, Jeff and I started brainstorming personal website ideas for him. He ended up just going with an About.me website also. It’s the easiest and would be really easy to forward a domain to that page later.
And now I get to go to bed. I’ll be up at 6am again tomorrow to drive to Madison for another round of classes. Wish me luck!

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