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My Impossible List

Everyone has goals in their life, here are mine. I got this idea for an impossible list that Thomas Frank over at College Info Geek created, who got the idea from Joel Runyon on his Blog of Impossible Things. I’ve taken a few of they’re goals and added my own. So here goes, my impossible list. I really like the name of an impossible list rather than a bucket list or anything else. I am all for the idea of taking seemingly impossible tasks for myself right now and changing my life in a positive way so that I can get it done. These things may seem impossible right now but I’m going to do my best to make them possible.

Professional Goals

  • Graduate college – August 2012 – From Dakota State University with my Bacholers of Science in Network and System Administration
  • Get an IT certification – May 2012 – MCSA certification as of May 2013
  • Get a master’s degree – Finished classes 2/19, graduation was 5/11/19
  • Own my own company
  • Enjoy my career

Life Goals

Fitness/Health Goals

  • Start Running – I started running a bit in late 2017 but kind of hurt my back. Now in early 2018 I’m feeling better and starting to run again. I’m officially going to cross this one off.
  • Run a 5k
  • Get a 6-pack
  • Be happy with my weight/appearance
  • Do 100 consecutive pushups

Event Goals

  • Attend Comic-con – I didn’t specify which convention, but I’ve attended the Planet Comicon here in KC twice now! Latest was 3/13/15.
  • Attend the Sturgis motorcycle rally
  • Attend CES
  • See Dave Matthews in concert – 10KLF July 25, 2009; July 14th, 2015 Summer Tour at Cricket Wireless in Bonner Springs, KS.
  • See Motley Crue in concert –  11/13/14. Alice Cooper opened for them. It was pretty insane. Motley Crue Farewell Tour.
  • Attend a League of Legends World Championship Tournament – 10/29/16 – Worlds Championship Finals 2016!

Random Goals

Travel Goals

  • Roadtrip with no predetermined destination
  • Go to the airport and buy the cheapest ticket and see where it goes
  • Visit Redmond, Washington and Microsoft Headquarters  – Been twice now. October 2013 and April 2014!
  • Visit Ireland –  October 2017!
  • Visit Italy