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IKEA With A Little Downtown

I’ve been flying the my DJI Spark a lot more lately now that it’s been nice out. Last night we walked down to the park and I took some video and pictures. It’s been fun getting back into flying after the winter and I’m excited to continuing exploring the skies and other areas around town.

In other news, I’m also studying for the Part 107 Commercial Remote Pilot Certificate exam! I’ve got it scheduled already for mid-July. So hopefully I’ll be doing a lot more flying and a whole lot of learning.

So with all this new video I took, I focused last night on fixing and tuning up some of the single frames. Taking snap shots from the video and working with those pictures to do some post-processing and make them look fun. I’ve always been the guy that just adds a filter on my pictures posted to social media so actually playing with some of the levels in Paint.net was fun. I looked at a few tutorials and this is what I came up with. I’m always looking for feedback and comments. I want to get better!

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