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What is the Purpose of Blogging?

I have purchased WAY to many domain names, created blogs and let so many of them fade away. For some reason though I keep coming back. I keep buying more names, I keep downloading the newest version of WordPress, I keep starting over on the same projects. I’m still trying to figure out why. What is the purpose of writing a blog and specifically, why am I writing a blog. Why do I keep coming back to these websites and try to fill them with more content?

I can come up with a couple of scenarios for myself. The first one is simple, I like to write. This is one of the only ways that I get to write anymore. No more papers for school, no essays about stuff I don’t care about. Just me putting my thoughts onto the computer.

Scenario two is something I think everyone wants, a little extra income. Almost all of my sites have Google ads on them. Hey if I can spend a little time doing something I like and make a few extra bucks at it, why not, right? I know this shouldn’t be the main reason I blog but it is a nice perk.

I also think that blogging provides an outlet. It let’s me share, remember, document and discuss any topic I’m interested in. I’m not limited to Facebook, character limits on Twitter, the small user base of any other platform. I can do whatever I want on my own blog. As time goes on, I’m looking at what is important to me and I think more important than anything else is myself and my family. Not the coolest new tech gadget, not the latest beer I tried but remembering the good times we had when we tried that beer. It’s more important to take a picture of the ones that I love than to be talking about the camera I used to take the picture. I’m not saying I’m never going to be doing another beer review or make a post about the new League of Legends champion, but I think I’m going to start posting my own content. I’m going to blog about things I want to remember and that are going to matter in five years. I want to look back in a couple years at my posts, remember good times and smile rather than read about an old cell phone I used to have.

Hopefully I start to use at least one of my blogs again consistently, hopefully I find significance and satisfaction with it.

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