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Day 5: 9/2/2011

Alright, I’m up in Minnesota for Labor day, visiting some relatives and I don’t have internet other than my phone. So you will have to bare with, I’m writing this with my phone.

Today was a big day for me. I’m still not sureif I can talk about it yet but I’ll just say I have a job secured for after the court house job is done. So I interviewed and accepted a position today, then finished the business day upgrading computers to Windows 7.

After work, I drove to Watertown to meet my brother, then we drove the rest of the way to my aunt and uncle’s.

Tonight was a lot of fun. We had some drinks, played some darts, and enjoyed some animals. If I don’t post some pictures when I have real internet, yell at me because I got a couple good ones of all their taxidermy.

Overall tonight had been really fun. Seeing family after this long is always fun. I just wish that Katie could have come this weekend, that would have made it a million times better.

Also, their cat is really friendly! 🙂

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