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Movember Is Already Over

Devon on the last day of Movember 2011Congratulations to anyone who participated in Movember or the awkward cousin, No Shave November. You are real men.

I just thought I would give a wrap-up post and picture from the last day of Movember. To be honest, I’m actually kind of impressed with myself, you can kind of see the hair in this picture. I’m not trying to say my mo is good compared to anyone’s but mine. I’m happy with it and I’m looking forward to next year.

I’m a little disappointed to say that I, personally, didn’t raise any money for the charities. I guess I don’t have anyone that loves me enough. BUT, the Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity Network raised $7,144 with their 162 members, the last time I checked! I’d say that’s a pretty good contribution.

At this point, I’m sure you can still donate to the cause if you’d like. My page is still at MoBro.co/DevonSchreiner if you would like to donate, or you can donate straight to the charities from the Movember main page.

Now the questions is, should I keep it? I’m thinking about just not shaving at all until next Movember. Good idea, right? I’m sure Katie would just absolutely loOoOoove that idea!

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