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Making An Ethernet Cable

I really enjoy working with my hands. I love working with computers while they are on but working with the hardware is just as much fun. Today at work I was able to indulge in a project that most other peopleĀ despise. I made some ethernet cables.


It’s easy enough to just buy some premade cables, and sometimes, it’s more cost efficient than having someone make them. Today, not only did I get to make them, but I also get the great feeling of accomplishment when I go to replace them and the closet switch we have here looks good and organized. No more long, unneeded cabling.


In the spirit of cabling, I thought I would post up some good diagrams I found for the RJ-45 end. Even though I really like putting cables together, I don’t think anyone ever remembers the order of colors. These are a couple of great pictures I found onĀ iCalvyn.com.


RJ45 Color Diagram

  • Orange-White
  • Orange
  • Green-White
  • Blue
  • Blue-White
  • Green
  • Brown-White
  • Brown

I know these diagrams helped me out when I was making cables, hopefully they will help someone else. Other than that, it’s always just a good reminder for something so simple and something so fun!

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