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Facebook Holiday

May 31st 2010. This is a very important day. A day to get outside, spend time with your family and to remember the people that have made an impact in your life. Today is the official Quit Facebook Day.

What were you expecting?? Well, QuitFacebookDay.com has started its website and wants people to stop using Facebook today, the 31st. It has the tag line, “If you agree that Facebook doesn’t respect you, your personal data or the future of the web, you may want to join us.” There are a couple of points and opinions I have on this that I am going to move through really quick here, try to stay with me.

First, Facebook is a free service that nobody is forcing you to use. They don’t have to “protect your privacy” at all. If you are freely giving them all of your information and pictures and everything else, it’s theirs. That’s tough luck. You don’t tell anyone something you want to keep a secret. That is one thing that a lot of people still have to learn. If you don’t want something public, don’t put it on the internet.

The second bone I have to pick with QuitFacebookDay.com is a little different. What are they planning on accomplishing with this stunt? I can see it now, Facebook is just shaking in its boots at the though of everyone quitting for a day. Especially when they know that everyone will be back at midnight to catch up on what they missed out on. I just don’t think there will be much of an impact on what Zuckerberg is planning.

On a completely different note, this may be a good thing. That’s what we do here at Inflecto Vita, we try to give you some tips and tricks that help you hack your life to make it just a little bit better. Maybe quitting Facebook for a day wouldn’t be a bad thing. Maybe quitting it all together wouldn’t be a bad thing either. Ok, I don’t agree with that, but maybe taking a little time away from stalking people and creeping on their profiles would be good for you. Go outside and spend some time with friends in real life. You might like it.

So maybe QuitFacebookDay.com has a couple of its priorities mixed around but at the heart is a really good idea. Try it and see what happens.

Are you quitting Facebook? How much time everyday is devoted to Facebook? Let us know in the comments or @InflectoVita or @DevonSchreiner.

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