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Finally Got A WordPress

So if anyone actually is following my blog posts at all, you can tell, I just upgraded my layout. I finally got on the bandwagon and started using WordPress. I’ll let you know for sure in a while what my final decision is but here are a few first impressions to keep you satisfied.

It’s basically the bigger version with more features but a lot harder to figure out. Like going from Windows Movie Maker to Final Cut Pro. There are a lot more features and if you know how to use them they will make the final product light-years better.

As I sit here listening to “Requiem Eternam” on Pandora, I begin to think of the bigger things, the bigger possibilities. Over the next while I will be piecing this blog together and hopefully making it into a much bigger, more successful blog. If anyone has any constructive criticism, comments, questions, feedback, flames, or ideas I would be happy to hear them all. You can either leave a comment or you can send me an email, devvon@gmail.com.

Also, now that I am on this new format, I don’t have to many of my old posts. You can go to DevonSchreiner.blogspot.com for all of my previous posts.


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