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TCPodcast Is Now Serving

Surprise! It’s here already and nobody knew it was coming! Luckily you haven’t missed much yet. I’m talking about my new podcast, Techuila Central Podcast. This is not to get confused with the other podcast I told you about a while ago, Tech Talk. That is still coming, so watch out for that too. But TCPodcast is already out and in full swing.

Last night Corey, Mike and I decided to spontaneously record a pilot episode for TCPodcast. The edges are still a little rough, a long with the Facebook page, Twitter profile and the rest of the website. But we are working tirelessly on everything to make it as awesome as we can. Hopefully by next week it will be up to snuff and halfway decent looking.

TCPodcast came about after we were discussing our two loves in life, Technology and Alcohol. We decided to combine them in a way that hopefully our audience can enjoy along with us. We want to produce a relaxed, laid back look at what is going on in technology and how we feel about it. Hopefully you will enjoy this discussion with us.

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