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South Dakota And Sioux Falls Each Have SubReddits

Reddit is such a diverse and multi-talents community that you can find absolutely anything you could ever imagine there. I’ve been creeping around the website more and more recently and finding out how much valuable information is contained if you just look in the right places.

Recently something else caught my eye. Not only is there a /r/SouthDakota subreddit but a /r/SiouxFalls too! The SD subreddit has over 300 subscribers already! Finally South Dakota is taking part in something cool and technology related. That doesn’t happen very often.

So if you’re a Redditor, live in SD and didn’t know about these subreddits, shame on you. Go join them. If you don’t know what Reddit is, go check it out. You’re welcome and I’m sorry. Either way, check out these subreddits and let’s get some great, local conversations started.

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