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The Best Of WWDC

So as everyone know, Apple’s WWDC was today, June 7th. They announced a couple new things and went through a bunch of the new features of the new iOS4. But what was the biggest announcement of the day? Was it about the iPad? Was it the number of apps downloaded from the App Store? Was it the iPhone 4? Was it Farmville being available on the iPhone?

I think a lot of people were disappointed after the WWDC Keynote was finished because it was like Steve didn’t introduce anything new. But think about it this way, if Gizmodo wouldn’t have leaked the new iPhone 4, how much different would that keynote have been. That presentation would have been showstopping when Jobs introduced the new iPhone. But does that make it the biggest announcement just because it should have been really cool? Of course not.

Gizmodo was able to tell us a lot about the new iPhone 4 but Jobs spilled it all and I think some of the specs are out of this world. One of the coolest things I think Apple announced was the reason for the seams on the sides of the iPhone. Having the sides used as part of the antennae is a genius idea and this is just a way to separate them. Brilliant.

I think another big deal is the screen. The iPhone 4 screen is using the new Retina Display technology and will display 326 pixels per inch. That’s a lot considering the human eye can only discern about 300 pixels per inch. The screen is also using the IPS technology and not the OLED technology.

And then lastly, I think one thing that everyone can agree on is having a longer battery life. Apple has done that giving you 7 hours of 3G talk time, 10 hours of WiFi browsing, and 300 hours of stand-bye.

That is what I think was Apple’s biggest announcement, not the iPhone 4 itself but what we didn’t know about it. The specifics of what it was made out of and what it can do.

You can look for a new iPhone 4, still exclusively with AT&T on June 24th.

Thanks to Tech Bitts for putting on a great live chat during the keynote and thanks to Engadget for putting having the live-blog and for the pictures.

Do you like what happened at the keynote? Will you be getting an iPhone 4? Let me know in the comments or @DevonSchreiner or @InflectoVita or on the Inflecto Vita Facebook Page.

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