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Mac vs. PC Inflecto Vita Style: Part Three

Part three is here. You’ve read part one and part two of Mac vs. PC Inflecto Vita style but you’re still not quite sure. You are still a little bit anxious about a Mac. What about all of those things your PC friends said? Welcome to part three. I will be going through all of the most common Mac myths and debunking them just for you.

Note before you read: I have many computers and have had many different computers including PCs, Macs, Windows machines, Linux boxes and Mac machines and I like all of them. I do though have a stronger liking for Apple’s products. I am going to try to use as many facts over opinions as possible but you have to remember that most of this argument is completely opinion anyway. This article will be biased in favor of Macs.

Part 3: Common Myths

Myth 1: Macs are more expensive.

This myth is both True and False, depending on how you want to look at it. Yes, it is true, you are paying more money to own a Mac computer. It is false though, when you look at the ratio of what kind of quality computing machine you are getting to the amount of money you are spending. When you are buying a Mac, you are getting so much more for your money, that’s why they cost more. They are worth it.

Myth 2: I don’t know how to use a Mac.

This myth is completely false. A) You already use a Windows based machine, then just run Windows in Boot Camp. You are now using your Mac and you already know how to. B) You didn’t know how to use your Windows based machine when you first got it. But you know what, it’s wasn’t hard to learn. Learning to use a Mac isn’t very hard either. C) Every person that has a Mac that I talked to raved about how much easier the Mac is to use that a Windows box. Myself included, think this way. Are all of these people crazy? I think not.

Myth 3: Macs don’t get viruses.

This myth is completely false. I will never claim that my Mac is not susceptible to a virus or any other kind of attack. The nice thing with a Mac though is being part of the minority. Macs aren’t targeted nearly as much as Windows machines. Nobody wants to write a virus for a Mac if there isn’t a very good chance it’s going to get to anyone.

Myth 4: My programs are not Mac compatible.

This myth is also false. Almost all big software companies make Mac versions of all of their products. I have never run into an issue with software. If it is not compatible with Mac OS then there is a replacement software out there that is just as competent as what you were using. Your company has strict guidelines saying you absolutely need to be running this certain piece of software? That’s fine, run it on your Boot Camp partition, it will run on that.

Myth 5: I can’t play games on my Mac.

Another myth that is half true half false. There are a few games that are compatible with Mac but not very many. As of this writing though, Valve has released a Steam for Mac and has started producing cross-platform games. This may just be the turn around Apple was looking for to get the developers to start making games work. Also, if you absolutely have to have your game, Boot Camp is still there, use it away!

Myth 6: You have to be a super-cool hipster to use a Mac.

Again, true and false. It is false because you do not have to be a super-cool hipster to use a Mac but true that hipsters can also use a Mac. Apple is non-discriminating when it comes to your level of coolness. Are you the coolest kid in school or were you the dork that was picked after the kid in the wheelchair? It doesn’t matter, everyone can use a Mac.

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