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Disable Buzzdock On Google

A while back Google implemented a mildly annoying extra ad at the top of it’s search results called the Buzzdock. This will aggregate results that it thinks you want to see from Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, eBay and a whole bunch more, other places. Well I finally got fed up with it, so I took it off.

It’s easy enough to disable yourself but of course, it’s in very small print so you’re not going to find it unless you really look for it.

First thing, click the little first tab at the top with the talk bubble, the B and the little arrow. Then you will click Settings. This will allow you to add or remove different websites that could bring back possible results. If you like the Buzzdock, feel free to customize it here.

I prefer to just disable the Buzzdock altogether. Click the Disable Buzzdock button at the bottom of the Settings menu and it will ask you if you are sure. After click yes, the Buzzdock will be disabled. And don’t worry, if you ever would want it back, there is now a menu item along the right hand side that will allow you to enable it again.

Disable Buzzdock Ad on Google

There you are, you are now free from the Buzzdock ads and have reclaimed the precious inches of your Google search. Use it wisely, there are only so many cat videos on the internet that one person can watch.

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