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I Got Engaged!

So funny story, I got engaged back in May. This is one of the reason that I haven’t posted here in such a long time, along with the new job, but I figured the world should know.

I contacted Nathan Allen, the Maniac of Magic, because I knew he was going to be performing in Katie’s hometown and this would be the perfect time to propose. We worked out how it would fit into his show and he was fantastic about helping me out.

Nathan pulled Katie up at the end of his show and blindfolded her for one last “magic trick”. He kept telling her that this was a magic trick that she would never forget. After Katie couldn’t see, I crept up onto stage and got down on one knee. Nathan pulled off the blindfold and Katie was in shock.

Eventually, she said yes, and the rest is history. But instead of reading about it, how about you watch it. Luckily my whole family was there and my brother ended up video taping it.

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