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Day 12: 9/9/2011

Another era in the life of Devon Schreiner has ended today. I am no longer an employee at the Minnehaha County Court House. Today was the last day of my internship. I learned a lot while I was there but it’s time to move on.

In other news, Monday starts my new job at BrightPlanet as an IT Specialist. Even though I’m not really sure what to expect yet, I know that it is going to be a lot of fun and an amazing learning experience. But more on this on Monday after I go in for my first day.

Tonight after work, I came home, cleaned a little bit, washed my motorcycle and then Katie and John showed up for the weekend. We went to eat at Krav’n tonight. It was pretty good. I think the cotton candy was a little over the top though.

We made it home and ended up playing some Dance Dance Revolution. Sorry Caity! She’s right below us in my apartment building. In other good DDR news, we unlocked one of my favorite songs from when I first bought the game, Kind Lady (Interlude). And with that, I’ll leave you with a video of the song. Enjoy!

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