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Day 11: 9/8/2011

Ahhhh, the feeling of sleeping in is a great one. That’s exactly what I did today. I slept in until about 9am. My 8am class was cancelled so the next thing was choir at noon. It felt really good. Also since I was able to leave later, I decided to ride my motorcycle. Not only is that a more fun way to get there but the gas is a heck of a lot cheaper too.

So I went to the couple classes I had, signed a petition to get the Libertarians on the ballet, picked up some paper work to turn my job into credit for an internship and confirmed that hopefully my financial aid will be in by Monday! Woohoo!
Then I got home, ate supper, watched an episode of 30 Rock(A Valentine’s Day show where Jenna loses her stalker and Liz schedules a root canal so she doesn’t have to be awake that day.) and then played a couple games of League of Legends.
I am kind of disappointed that we ended up just skipping the podcast tonight. One of the guys couldn’t make it and we didn’t really have much material anyway so we just decided to not do it. I really think we need to have a talk about what the future of the podcast is. I really love doing it but it’s going nowhere fast right now. We need to figure out what to do with it otherwise I have a feeling it is just going to keep going downhill.
But I’m looking forward to tomorrow. It’s Friday, my last day of work at the court house, I get to see Katie and we are definitely going to be doing something fun whether it be the drive-in or the Bike Night Finale, who knows! The sooner I go to bed the sooner it will be here though, so goodnight!

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