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Win An iPad And Kindle Touch From CollegeInfoGeek!

Not only was my last post, My Impossible List, inspired by Thomas Frank, but this post also, come as a result of his latest announcement on CollegeInfoGeek. Frank has partnered with Adobe and is giving away an iPad and a Kindle Touch. He has a very interesting contest for these prizes, and you should probably check it out.

Frank recently wrote articles on building your personal website and building your personal brand. He is now quizzing his readers on those articles and rewarding them for heeding his advice.

You can go to the contest page and do the generic, tweet a link, follow on Facebook thing to get entered to win the Kindle Touch, but the iPad takes a little more work. By creating your own, personal webpage and creating a page/blog post about this contest, you can get entered to win Apple’s latest gadget.

Now of course, I have my own website/blog already so I figured I would enter for the iPad. I also really enjoy being able to share such a great blogger with as many people as I can. I realize my audience isn’t gigantic at this point but everyone should be reading CollegeInfoGeek. It’s a great blog.

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