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Good Guy Zach From Olark

As an IT sort of person, I am sometimes required to sign up for multiple free trials of software to try them out and give my recommendation as to which program we should purchase for the company. Along with signing up for these free trials come many unwelcomed, impersonal and completely unnecessary phone calls and emails.

The phone calls are easy enough to ignore but the emails are just worthless. Why would people even take the time to send them? Giant pictures, advertisements and clearly robot generated text makes it really easy to hit the mark-as-spam button.

I was a little bit surprised with a more recent experience with Olark, a real-time, support and chat system. After signing up for the free trial, I received the email below:

Email From Zach at Olark

How refreshing is that? No annoying gimmicks or ads or anything that sounds computer generated. This looks like a real person that I could have responded to and had a real conversation about his product with. It may not be grammatically correct, but who cares? Sometime less is more.

Have you ever experienced anything like this?

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