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Mac vs. PC Inflecto Vita Style: Part One

Creationism vs. Evolution. Pro-life vs. Pro-choice. Mac vs. PC. Some questions will live on forever without ever finding a clear, concise and factual answer. The good thing is that I’m not trying to answer any of these questions for you, I am just going to be giving you my perspective on the debate over Macs and PCs. Hopefully after reading through this, you will have a little more information and be able to make a more informed decision for yourself.

Note before you read: I have many computers and have had many different computers including PCs, Macs, Windows machines, Linux boxes and Mac machines and I like all of them. I do though have a stronger liking for Apple’s products. I am going to try to use as many facts over opinions as possible but you have to remember that most of this argument is completely opinion anyway. This article will be biased in favor of Macs.

Part One: Hardware

The topic I wanted to discuss in part one here is Apple’s hardware specifically. In future parts I will discuss software, operating systems and other things but I wanted to focus on hardware here.

One way to look at the debate of Mac vs. PC is by looking at hardware. This gets a little complicated because we know exactly what a Mac entails but what is “PC”? You have to define what you are comparing a Mac to when comparing. Usually this is done Mac OS vs. Windows but that is another post all together. I am going to talk about the actual computer.

So we need to define exactly what a PC is before we can compare. To define a PC, I look at the top brands that everyone seems to buy, Gateway, Dell and HP. Here is what I’ve found.

  • Macs are engineered with polished aluminum and have a heavy-duty feel that other computers seem to lack. After looking at HP, Dell and Gateway’s websites, I could not find another computer not made of plastic. I have a plastic made laptop right now and I don’t agree with how flimsy it feels and how it bows when lifted or is used in other ways.
  • Another thing that may or may not matter to some people is where the hardware was actually manufactured. All Apple products are built and manufactured here in America where as almost all other computers are made over-seas. Other PCs may be assembled in America but that won’t make a difference if the actual pieces are built with less quality right away.
  • One point that some people argue is not a valid point is appearance. I ask, “Why do Gateway and Dell offer different colored laptops if nobody cares about what their computer looks like?” Apple computers are very stream-lined and appealing to almost everyone. Brighthub.com put it nicely when they said, “Cosmetically, Macs are extremely well designed computers. They are visually appealing with a “high-end” feel.”
  • Hardware innovation is also something that Apple prides itself on. Apple was the first to use multi-touch technology in its iPhone/iPod Touch and the touchpad on their laptops. This is technology that some computers have yet to upgrade to. Another advance Apple has made is the MagSafe power adapter. This is a small improvement that is surprisingly helpful.
  • One other thing I thought was worth mentioning in the hardware section is Apple’s one of a kind warranty, Apple Care. They supply a one-year, full warranty at no extra cost. I have used Apple’s tech support a few times before and I have never been disappointed. Most other computers don’t come with any kind of warranty unless you start paying more right away. Some argue that if you need a warranty that obviously the product has been made to fail. This argument is bogus, everyone knows that electronics in general have problems, even Macs, a warranty is just your plan B in case something would ever happen.

Hopefully, this is enough information just on hardware that you will at least consider a Mac option if you are looking for a new computer. Make sure to check back for part two of the Mac vs. PC debate.

Do you have different information? Do you disagree with me? Do you maybe agree? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @DevonSchreiner or @InflectoVita.

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