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Forwarding Your Email

Don’t you hate waking up every morning and checking all of your different email accounts? Your personal account, your work email, your organization’s email account. It can be very tedious and take up a lot of unnecessary time. Don’t you wish you could just get all of your email in one place, just look at one account? A one stop email account? Well you can, it’s called email forwarding. And this little tip can save you a lot of time.

So you may have heard of email forwarding before you just didn’t want to take the time to set it up or you just couldn’t quite figure out how. Well now is your chance.

A lot of email clients will have specific options like the one to the left. In a settings tab or options tab, there will be a forwarding option. All you have to do is put in the email address you want this account to forward to and you are set. All of these emails are now being forwarded.

Other email servers will make you download them via POP3. It is as easy as filling in a few settings like the ones to the right and you will be downloading the email from that account. You can find all of this information by going to the account you want to download and looking in the forwarding settings or by contacting the administer of the email server.

Forwarding email is great when you have to check multiple email accounts daily. If you get a lot of email, you can also have the be automatically sorted into specific folders which will make organization easier if you are forwarding multiple accounts to one address.

Do you already forward your email? What are some things that have made organization easier for you? Let me know in the comments or @DevonSchreiner or @InflectoVita.

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