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The Tech Blender Has Arrived

Chances are, you’ve noticed a couple changes around here. A different theme, a different name and of course a different outlook on life. Or at least a different outlook on blogging. Hopefully though, all of these changes are for the better.

First, the name change. While Inflecto Vita is a phrase I love and live by (roughly translates from Latin to “Change Life”) it wasn’t a good name for a blog, especially a tech blog. It was hard to remember and was not understood. Not to many people just know Latin off the top of their head. So hopefully the change to the the name “The Tech Blender” will not only be easier to remember but bring more people interesting in technology this way.

Now I know changing the name of something like this is hard, I’m working on it and hopefully

will be getting there eventually. Some things are still the same. We have the same Twitter account, just a different name. @Tech_Blender. That means if you were following us before, you are still following us, we just have a different name now. The same thing is true for the Facebook Page.

Sadly there are some things that may change, like the RSS Feed. The Inflecto Vita RSS feed will no longer be active, you will have to subscribe to the new one. Hopefully these changes won’t be too big though.

With a new blog comes a new outlook on it. Instead of being just a blog, I would love for this website to be more of an interactive, social media experience, featuring technology. Enter the Blend page. As of right now I have set up a chat room and a comment form. Please go and chat about technology and leave me feedback, questions or comments. I will be working hard to make this website even more interactive and enjoyable for everyone.

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