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Foursquare SuperUser Fun

Check it out. I’m finally a Superuser Level 1 on foursquare! That means I have the power!! Mwahahaha!!! Ok, well not necessarily ALL the power, but Superuser privileges does come with it’s benefits.

I’m going to give you a quick rundown of what a Superuser is, what they can do and even how you can become a Superuser yourself! It’s not to hard if you read and follow the rules.

As foursquare’s website puts it, a Superuser is:

Superusers are the most dedicated and passionate members of our community who help keep foursquare venues organized behind the scenes.

Simple enough, right? Actually, it is pretty simple. Superusers are normal people but extraordinary foursquare users. Basically, foursquare can’t manage all of the venues it has in it’s databases by itself, so they have called on stand out individuals to help. These people use foursquare a lot and love to improve the community and the experience as a whole.

As a Superuser Level 1, a person can make quite a few changes to correct information on a venue. A Superuser Level 1 can:

  • edit venue addresses
  • correct the map pin
  • request venue merges & deletions
  • add & delete venue tags
  • open & close venues
Here are a couple of the tools that foursquare gives Superusers to help combat false venue information.

Level 1 Superusers can only make requests for venue merges and deletions, those have to be approved by a Level 2 Superuser. Level 2 SUs can merge and delete on a local level while Level 3 SUs can do the same on a global scale.

Are you dedicated enough to become a Superuser on foursquare? All you have to do is fill out this application. Make sure you do your reading because there is a short test along with the application.

Come help me fight the good fight against improper venue formats and duplicate locations! Foursquare Superusers unite!

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