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KCGameOn #75 League of Legends Tournament Recap

KCGameOn has been running LAN parties for a very long time but the event hosted on 6/10/17 was definitely special. This LAN was number 75 and it was pretty awesome. With a total of 11 teams joining in on the fun of the League of Legends tournament, there was a full day of games and fun.


The tournament played out basically as expected with a solid top three teams between the KC Kings, KU Esports and KC Tempest. But there were also a lot of other fun games that happened between the other teams. You can check out the full standings here.

The grand finals came down to a rematch between KC Kings and KU Esports, as the KU team had one the early match in the day, it was all on the line for the Kings. But the pulled out two wins in a row to take the championship as well as win a set of keyboards from AZIO for themselves.

I was lucky enough to be able to shoutcast this tournament again on the KCGameOnLoL Twitch channel alongside Tehspiritbear and Glitterbae. It was a lot of fun and I feel like we learned a ton about casting and streaming. Definitely learned that we need a solid audio test before we go live so that we get the levels for the music and game sounds right. The other major thing I learned is to do whatever possible to have a wired connection when streaming. For sure should be common sense but we were on the wireless for most of the stream and it was working 90% of the time for us. Having a wired connection would have caused a lot less issues.

If you want to check out the VoD of the whole day, head over to this link. I’ve got all the times for specific games we casted in the description.

Any tips or comments on how we did shoutcasting wise? Let me know, I’m definitely looking to improve every time I cast.


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