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[League of Legends] Trundle Buffs Get Me Excited

Trundle has always been one of those champions very close to my heart. He’s always been a troll, he has some great voice lines as well as his dance and he’s always been a little bit of my play style. I enjoy playing tanky champions that just like to get in and disrupt what’s going on. When I see that there are buffs making their way to Trundle’s kit, I can’t help but get excited.

Overall the changes aren’t massive but they are going to make him much more enjoyable to play again. Not only is the health regeneration from his Frozen Domain being bumped, but the amount of AD reduction on his Chomp is also going up. And by going up, I mean doubling. When Trundle chomps an enemy, they are losing 20 AD at rank one. That’s going to feel reeeeeeal good.

As a support main, this still satisfies my Trundle desires as it will help me stay healthier while tanking all the damage so my AD stays alive as well as reducing the damage the damage the enemy AD is doing. I think we’ll be seeing a whole lot more Trundle in the near future, especially as a flex pick. His 1v1 potential and sustain for the top lane is going to go up, his sustain in the jungle is going to go up as well as his viability to stay alive and cause massive chaos all over the map.

What do you think of Trundle’s buffs? Any other changes you’re looking forward to? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

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