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Mac vs. PC Inflecto Vita Style: Part Two

In Part one of Mac vs. PC Inflecto Vita Style, we discussed hardware issues and what Apple seems to be doing right. Part two is going to have the same feel but we are going to be talking about software related topics as opposed to hardware.

Note before you read: I have many computers and have had many different computers including PCs, Macs, Windows machines, Linux boxes and Mac machines and I like all of them. I do though have a stronger liking for Apple’s products. I am going to try to use as many facts over opinions as possible but you have to remember that most of this argument is completely opinion anyway. This article will be biased in favor of Macs.

Part Two: Software

Alright, just like before, we have to standardize and define exactly what we are comparing. Talking software, this is a lot easier to do than with hardware. Obviously, we are going to be comparing Mac OS to Windows, more specifically, Mac OS X and Windows 7.

The first thing that pops into my head when bringing up the subject of software in this debate is the fact that Apple pre-loads a program called Boot-Camp onto each and every computer it sells. Boot-Camp allows you to boot into any other operating system that you want to, including Windows. To me, that sounds like a discussion ender. What’s better than having to pick between operating systems? Having any of them that you want at your fingertips.

And that’s not all, not only do Apple computers run other operating systems, including Windows, but they do it very well. LaptopMag.com ran its own set of benchmarks and said, “Running a direct-boot version of Windows, there’s very little a Mac machine can’t do. And, in some instances, it may even edge the competition as a dedicated Windows machine.”

This is a quick graph with some benchmarks that Cnet Reviews did on Mac OS X vs. Windows 7. As you can see, Apple was faster in all of these categories.

So these few things show that an Apple computer can usually out-perform a Windows based machine. That is pretty important if not only for the fact that it’s that much less time you have to sit and wait for your computer to think.

Another aspect to look at when discussing software is looking at what pre-loaded software comes on a pre-built computer. Now, I for one, have never used any pre-loaded software on a PC other than to play solitaire or use Internet Explorer to download Firefox. Can you name any useful, good software that you have used that came pre-loaded on a Windows machine?

But look at the software that comes on a Mac. The iLife package includes iPhoto, iWeb, iMovie and Garageband, and of course the iTunes, iCal, Photo Booth and Safari. Anyone will tell you, this software is top-notch and is worth getting a Mac just for them. I won’t go into detail about each and every piece of software but believe me, they are amazing.

Hopefully with this information about software and hardware from part one, you will be able to make a more informed decision when buying a computer. Make sure you check back for part three of this Mac vs. PC debate!

What do you think? Are you a hard-core Windows fanatic or do you prefer the Mac lifestyle? Do you use something completely different like Linux? Let me know in the comments or @DevonSchreiner or @InflectoVita.

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