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Time Frame For Jobs

As you, my readers, may or may not know, I’m in the market for a career when I graduate from college in May. I’ve been searching, applying, inquiring and emailing about every job I can find. So far, there has been one thing that I have noticed that is different from internships to full-time jobs. The time frame that employers are looking for these positions is completely different.

My previous internships were practically set in stone four to six months in advanced. Which makes complete sense. Employers know that they will have an internship position open for the summer, they always do, they know how much it pays, they know what kind of things the intern will be doing. So the employer wants to secure the best candidates as early as possible.

Real jobs on the other hand? They want you now. Nobody is hiring someone for two months from now. No company can wait a couple months to fill a position, they usually have two weeks to find a new employee otherwise bad things are going to happen.

This makes preparing for jobs and finding one a lot harder. Nobody wants to hire me right now. But this does make me hopeful that when I get within three weeks or so of graduation that I will get a few more calls back. I’m crossing my fingers.

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