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3 Ways To Improve Your Battery When Using Drivewise From Allstate

I signed up for Allstate’s Drivewise program a couple month ago when I heard about it. I started using the Drivewise phone app on my iPhone and I thought it was pretty cool. You can get a discount on your car insurance just by installing the app and driving within their limits. I don’t know exactly how much of a percentage I’m going to save yet but I do know that Drivewise will never actually make your premium go up, which is nice to know.

Allstate Drivewise AppOne of the only downfalls to the Drivewise app is that it’s GPS enabled and it needs to be running a lot, to see if you’re driving or not so it knows if it should be recording data or not. When I first downloaded the app, the battery on my phone died so quickly, I had no idea what happened. Here are a couple tips to vastly improve your battery life when using the Allstate Drivewise app.

  1. End your trips manually. The second that I put my car into park, I take my phone out, open the Drivewise app and end my trip. As soon as you open the app, it will ask you if you’re done driving. Just hit the end trip button. The app will basically continue to track GPS for a certain amount of time to make sure you’re done driving, which will use up a whole lot more battery, so just tell it when to stop tracking.
  2. Stop a trip when you start, if you’re not the one driving. If you’re not the one driving, you can use the same trick as number one, except don’t wait until your trip is over. As soon as you start driving, the app knows it and will start tracking the trip. Open up the Drivewise app and let them know that you’re not driving, then it will stop tracking the whole trip.
  3. Turn off the app if you’re not going to be driving for a long time. This is best if you’re going on vacation or only drive from time to time. In the settings, you can turn on Standby Mode, which will stop it from ever noticing that you are driving. Going on a trip? Turn on that option. Car in the shop and you’ll be taking the bus for a week? Turn on Standby Mode. No reason to track a whole bunch of trips that you’re not driving.

Any time you’re not using the GPS on your phone in the background is going to save you a lot of battery life. Once I started doing these couple things my battery drastically improved and I don’t feel like I need to uninstall the app anymore.

Got any more tips to extend your battery life while using the Allstate Drivewise app or any other apps in general? Share them in the comments so we can all have better battery life!

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