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A Technologist’s Guide To Holiday Shopping

It’s that time again, time to make lists and run around to all of the stores in town. It’s time to do that holiday shopping. It’s hectic, time consuming and very stressful, not at all what this time of year is really about. You know what I’m talking about. The only thing you want to do is play with your new toys! I’ve got the rundown of the best gadget buying tips and resources that you’ll need to make this year great and have plenty of time left to play with your new gizmos.

So first things first, you have to figure out what present you are going to be giving. Now whether that person is your best friend, parent, significant other or even yourself, it’s always hard to find that perfect gift. My first suggestion, if you need ideas, is to watch daily deal websites. Check out sites like Woot.com, Deals.Woot.com, Groupon.com, Deals.eBay.com or DODTracker.com.

These sites will have completely random and most of the time awesome products up for sale usually just for the day. Not only can you get many gift ideas from these websites but they offer sales and deals that you just can’t refuse. If you see something you like, snatch it up because chances are it’s the cheapest price you will find for it.

Now you’ve got some ideas for presents, you just need to go to the mall, find the gifts, wait in the checkout line and hope your credit card withstands the beating. Wrong. You are going to save money and time by shopping online. Everyone is doing it these days and it’s the best way to get your holiday purchasing done.

Use a website like RetailMeNot.com to find discounts and coupons to all your favorite shopping sites and save some cash. The right coupon from a site like this can get you anything from free shipping to 15% off your total cost. It’s definitely worth checking out.

If you didn’t grab a daily deal but know exactly what you’re looking for, make sure you check out places like Amazon.com first. Sites that have the option of getting something used or refurbished is always something to check out. It may be used but it will be a whole lot cheaper and probably worth it. It’s used as soon as you take it out of the box anyways, right?

If you still can’t figure out what to get that special person for the holidays, here is what I think will be the hottest gadgets this year. Everyone wants an Apple product whether it’s an iPod, iPhone, iPad or one of the computers. These are always sure-fire, non-disappointing gift ideas. Other favorites include the ever popular Rock Band series, the Amazon Kindle and Flip video cameras. And always make sure that you remember the batteries.

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