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Moving Towards The Tech

I have been looking around the internet (like always), but today’s stumblings were focused in a different direction. I have been looking for a while for a way to make my blog here a little bit more interesting and maybe get a couple followers. (besides Katie of course.)

One of the suggestions that I am going to be implementing here is the niche-marketing technique. I’m going to pick a topic that I really love and am passionate about and blog about that. This way I will never get bored with what I’m writing about. Unless I decided to completely change my lifestyle around, I will always be interested in my topic.

Also, this will allow me to connect with other people that have the same interests I’m blogging about. They can read things that I write and enjoy it. Right now, my blog is all over. I have blogged about zombies, concerts and eBay in about a week and a half. That doesn’t make for good reader support if I keep jumping all over all the time. So from now on I will be blogging more along the lines of the technology, gadgets, tech tips scene. Hopefully this way, people will be able to take this more as a blog that they can read all the time and get consistent results.

If you are reading let me know what you think. Is this a good or a bad idea? I’m hoping this is the right move.

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