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Day 10: 9/7/2011

Dang it! Day 10 comes around and I just completely forget about it. Didn’t even cross my mind. So I’m going to try to make up for it. I think that getting it done sometime is just as important as doing it the actual day, I just don’t want to get a couple weeks behind, because then it’s just lame. And I don’t want to be lame…

So work was good today. Second to the last day at the court house. I’m pretty excited for the last day, it will be a lot of cleaning and stuff. I’m going to try to get done with the Windows 7 upgrades I was assigned but I’m kind of doubting that’s going to happen.

After work, it was time for Wednesday night Brother Suppers, and it was my turn to host! Of course, Jeff couldn’t make it, but I still made some amazing burgers! Along with the burgers, I fried up some potatoes and make some of those pickle and cream cheese roll things. I have to say, I was happy with the meal. I like home cooked, simple, good meals like that. Give me burgers over fancy shmancy, expensive restaurant food any day.

After that I stayed up and got some of my Windows Administration lab done. It’s taking forever because we are setting up our servers right now so it takes figuratively, a million years to do all the updates and installs that we need.

Then I stayed up late and Skyped with Katie! I didn’t have to get up early because my 8am class was canceled!

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