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Sixteen Loooong Days

Sixteen days. Yes, sixteen more days is all I have to wait until I get to see Mr. John Mayer in concert with Michael Franti and Spearhead.

Not only is this guy crazy good at music but I am going to see him in concert. I love concerts, there is nothing that compare to being there. No matter if you listen to a recording, even if its a recording of a live concert, it’s never as good.

John Mayer is one of those guys that I said I wanted to see before I die.

[X] John Mayer
[X] Dave Matthews Band
[   ] U2
[   ] Nickelback
[   ] ZZ Top

There are a couple more I could probably add to that list, but I don’t want to bore you to badly. When I found out John Mayer was touring again I figured that I would go check the dates. Fortunately for me, he was coming to Omaha, which is close enough for me to reasonably go. Then I started looking a little bit closer and found out that Michael Franti and Spearhead were opening up for Mr. Mayer.  :O  That was the moment I decided I was going.

This is Michael Franti and Spearhead just so you know. This song, “Say Hey (I Love You)” is the inspiration for one of my favorite Pandora Stations. Please, if you are looking for some awesome music to jam out to, type this song into Pandora. You will not be disappointed.

So shortly after I decided I was going to this concert, of course, Christmas was coming up. So I decided to get tickets for Katie and I to go. (Which by the way is one of the best presents you could ever get someone, tickets for you and that person to go to a concert? Oh ya!) So now Katie and I have a date for March 4th, in Omaha. 🙂

I hope if nothing else, this post introduces you to some great music that you may not have heard before. Type ‘Say Hey’ into Pandora, that’s all. This is one thing I will probably do from time to time. I absolutely love music and always have some playing in my room. You should look forward to some more good music coming up.


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