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Farewell OP

So I know my last blog post was about Our Perspective being resurrected and how excited I was about recording again, but changes are under way.

After recording another episode of OP, Kevin and I decided that we wanted to change the format of the show up a little bit. We figured that not to many people really wanted to listen to what we have to say. What people really want to hear is themselves. We wanted to create a show that will allow people to get involved and hear what other people have to say about whatever we are talking about.

We decided that we couldn’t keep the same name with this new format, so we are saying farewell to Our Perspective for now. The name that we came up with was HeyTalkTo.Me. There is a period right before the Me because in our domain, the .me is replacing the .com. Our new website address is http://HeyTalkTo.Me.

We are hoping that this show may go over a little bit better with some people and we hope to also give a different look at some important issues both close to home and farther away. This week we talked to some citizens of Mitchell about why they voted this week and we are going to talk to Dr. Joe Graves about his experience with local politics and elections.

You can also follow our podcast on Twitter by searching for HeyTalkToMe. We also have a facebook fan page and you can email us at Mail@HeyTalkTo.Me. Hopefully you listen to the show and enjoy it. Let us know what you think! Thanks!

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