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Tweetup: Good Or Bad?

A Tweetup can be put together for many different reasons, most of the time to just get together with, communicate and connect with like minded people from Twitter. As you may know, I tried putting together a Tweetup in my current city, Madison, SD. It was held on June 22nd and I would call it a success even if others don’t.

I wrote earlier about the plans I was making for the Tweetup and was scouring the web for all the tips and advice I could find for holding a successful event. After hosting the event and sitting and thinking about it for a week, I think I have a better idea about what worked and what didn’t and what I’m going to try next time.

The first question I asked myself: Why did I hold a Tweetup?

Thinking back, holding a Tweetup was a horrible idea! Why you may ask? There are not that many people in Madison that tweet. If nobody is using Twitter, no one is going to come to a Tweetup.

My next train of thought was: So then how do I get people to start using Twitter so I can hold a Tweetup?

The more I think about it the more I am training my thoughts away from Twitter in particular and more towards social networking as a whole. I have also been thinking of making the meetups more about teaching people how to use these services instead of limiting it to people that already use them.

I have been thinking about putting together a series of discussion nights about social networking including topics such as: “Getting The Most Out Of Facebook”, “Twitter 101”, “Is FourSquare Safe?” and “Why Should I Be Using LinkedIn?”.

What do you think? Would this format be more likely to interest people in a rural town in South Dakota? Let me know in the comments or @DevonSchreiner or @InflectoVita or on our Facebook Page.

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