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Keep Your Computer Physically Safe

Today I wanted to share a tip with everyone that I think is very important and I think you will all agree. It’s keeping your computer and the information on it safe. I believe though that this is something that is sometimes taken for granted and not given the best thought from everyone. I wanted to discuss the physical safety of your computer.

Now obviously this post is going to be geared toward the laptop, there isn’t much else to think about a desktop other than don’t spill on it, don’t tip it over and always remember to lock your room/house when you leave. But when dealing with laptops, it can be a completely different story.

The first thing I would suggest is getting a case for you laptop, Speck makes some great products, if not a little spendy, but get your idea from them and find a cheaper version. This will keep your laptop safe from accidental damage while you’re using it. It’s fine in your bag but when you are using it is when you may drop it off your lap.

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Another thing you have to worry about laptops is getting it stolen. Nobody wants that. Other than carrying it with you when you go to the bathroom, you could look into getting a Kensington lock. Basically a bike lock for your computer. Lock it to your desk or a table leg to deter almost any would-be thief.

Now what happens if something does get broken or stolen. Well luckily, you read the article about backing up your information, so all of that is already safe and ready to be loaded onto a different computer. Make sure you know what kind of a warranty is on your computer and this may be the time you think about getting some insurance. I know it costs money but think about how much you spent on that new laptop and how much it would cost to buy another. It’s the same reason you get car insurance, might be something to check out.

Before your laptop is stolen, you should look into something like LocateMyLaptop. They offer free laptop locating services and for a very small monthly fee you can do anything from remotely deleting all your files to getting frequent alerts. A service like this can come in very handy if you need it.

Now I know nobody likes to think about this kind of stuff but it is really important. Keep your computer, information and identity safe and look into some of these products.

How do you secure your computer? Let me know in the comments or @DevonSchreiner or @InflectoVita.

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