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Hey guys, long time no type.

….Anyways…..My main topic of discussion today is the newest website I have created. It’s for the Phi Kappa Theta fraternity here at USD. The website can be found here.

Now I realize there is not much content but that’s what happens with a website when you just start out. But other than that, let me know what you think, what you think would work better or look better. Or just tell me what you think looks bad and should be changed. I appreciate all comments.

This isn’t the first website I have built. I have built a couple more just like this one: The KORN and Q107 websites, the new ones that I have built aren’t up yet, we are hoping to do that over Christmas break though. Then I have made a couple of free websites over the years, including the Our Perspective website, which I think is my best free website.

Now I like building websites. It’s fun, it takes up some time, but it is fun to know you are accomplishing something that not everyone has the skill to do, and then putting it on the internet for the rest of the world to see. I think building a website is something that everyone can do and everyone should try at least once. Whether it be from one of the numerous free website builders out there or using iWeb on your new Mac, its becoming easier and easier to do it.

I also think that building a website to advertise things is a very good way to do it. Not only are so many more people looking for things like that online now, but it doesn’t limit you to a certain area like a local ad would. Also, a website is up 24/7. Not like a commercial, that’s only on a couple of times late at night. Not like a newspaper ad that is in a couple papers and then thrown away. The exact people that are looking for what you are trying to advertise, will stumble upon your website, even if it is 3am.

So all the way from my newest website to stumbling around the internet at 3am. Wow. Well I hope you enjoyed this little blog post. If you did, let me know. I am always available on facebook or at devvon@gmail.com. Make sure to check out the Phi Kap website to. Thanks!

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