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Just as everyone else is, I have been very busy the last couple weeks. And it’s only going to get worse for at least a couple weeks to come.

On Friday, Phi Kappa Theta hosted their first major philanthropy event. Phi Kap put on a Lenten Fish Fry for Kids to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. It was a lot of fun to help make this happen. We were also a little bit surprised, but very happy with the turnout. Over 300 tickets were sold, over 80 lbs. of fish was fried, and over $1100 was raised for CMN. We are very happy with the results of our efforts.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon also had their annual philanthropy event on Saturday and Sunday, Dance Marathon. The event ran from 9am Saturday morning until 9am Sunday morning. The 24 hour period was filled with dancing, games, entertainment, food, and fun. I had the chance to also attend this event and it was more fun than anyone could imagine. SAE’s national philanthropy is also CMN and the also raised a lot of money for the organization.

This is one of the things that I have found out since I have been at college. That doing community service and helping people out can be very rewarding for everyone, not just the person benefiting from the service. I think there should be more of this selfless giving on everyone’s part, and there would be a lot more happy people around the world.

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