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Explore Your Career With LinkedIn

LinkedIn has always been one of those websites that I think has great potential and is definitely starting to gain some ground. More and more people are starting to use it. LinkedIn has recently released a tool that will not only be bringing more people to their website but it will be young people. The same people that know social media but are not necessarily on LinkedIn yet. They have released the Career Explorer Beta.

According to LinkedIn’s blog, “Students now have the ability to explore different career paths based on their school, level of education, and desired industry.”

I played around a little bit with it, you put in your education and then start picking the jobs you want to have once you graduate. After all is said and done, LinkedIn shows you possible employers, average salaries and will give you jobs that are open to start your path in real life.

The Career Explorer looks not only like a great planning tool but something that could actually find you a job and help you figure out what you’re doing with your life. If you are still a student, this could easily become a major life-line in your path to a career and is definitely something you should check out. And if you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, get one, it’s free.

Do you have a LinkedIn account? What do you use it for now? Have you ever got any good job leads off of it? Let us know in the comments or @DevonSchreiner or @Tech_Blender or on our Facebook Page.

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