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What Can Calc Do For You?

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Are you just starting college and taking one of those, advanced, upper-level, smart people math classes? If you are, chances are you already have a calculator. Maybe you just got to your first day of this math class and found out you need one of those huge, expensive scientific calculators. Do not fear. Do you know why? Because you already have one.

Most of the time when a person needs a calculator, it’s for a quick, add this to get the total, so you know how many calories you ate today. So for most people, your handy-dandy computer calculator is enough. Once you need that super fancy scientific calculator for your college class, this little trooper is still there for you.

Just go up to View and select which kind of calculator you need to use, whether that’s the Scientific, Programming or Statistics calculator. And voila! you’ve got your own, fancy-shmancy calculator right there on your computer screen and it didn’t cost you one extra penny.

This little trick can come in handy if you don’t have the extra cash to spend on a calculator or even if you just forgot yours today.

Along with Windows 7, you can also do this little trick in Windows XP. And if you need a graphing calculator, it can do that too. Just download the Microsoft PowerToys and you can use the $100 device on your PC.

Did you find this useful? Got any other college class hacking tips? Let me know either in the comments, @DevonSchreiner or @InflectoVita.

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