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Happy 50th!

Well, we made it. Another milestone for Inflecto Vita. This is the fiftieth post I’ve made on this blog. Hopefully I’ve helped someone out, given someone a good tip or at least given you something to read if you’re bored. 50 is a good number. I think it means that this is still a very new blog and still just getting started but it is here and will be here for a while.

I had had my own, personal blog for a long time, but I never updated it. To make it a little easier to figure out what to write about, in mid February, I made the changeover to a tech specialized blog and started writing. The blog has had some major changes over the last couple months, domain name change, template changes, logo changes. After all is said and done though, I think we are moving in the right direction.

The hit counter is everyday, slowly making it’s way up, very slowly, but it is going up. Which is good to see. It makes me think that hopefully I’m helping someone out somewhere.

I want to thank everyone that has been to my website, read my articles, commented on the posts and contacted me on Twitter. It’s those people that I am still blogging for. I also want to give a shout-out to all of the people I have met through blogging, it really makes all of this worth it.

If you have read my blog here and like it, let me know in the comments down below, or connect with my on Twitter, @DevonSchreiner or @InflectoVita. Thanks for reading.

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