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Busy, Busy, Busy….

Busy, Busy, Busy….

Why is everything so busy all the time? I was really hoping that when summer hit everything and everyone would slow down and there would be some time to relax. I finally move home from school only to start working.

I am now working full time out at Steve’s Repair and Shag. Now, this is actually really fun. I’ve never done anything like this and I am definitely learning a lot about trucks and about being a mechanic. These are good life skills here.

I am also still working at the Q107/KORN Radio stations. I linked the websites, they are finally up, but still definitely under construction. We are working as fast and hard as we can to get those up and fully functional.

And why not continue with school while I’m out of school? I am taking a Speech and Advanced Composition online this summer to hopefully get ahead in school. I think this was a mistake, I’m not really liking school during the summer.

Also, I’ve been doing a couple of websites lately. The websites listed above are all mine while I also just agreed to create the Holy Family Catholic Church Website here in Mitchell. Websites are fun. I’ve got a couple.

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