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Back From Tour


If you haven’t checked out my new website yet, do it. DevonSchreiner.com.

I am finally back from tour with the Chamber Singers, what a blast that was. Now I get to work. So the Chamber Singers, after tour, get the weekend off before starting classes again. I got to work all weekend…. yay. But that is OK I guess, I am not opposed to making more money.

Also if you care, I just put up a new website for the local music shop here in Mitchell, Paulson’s Music Center. If you want to check the website out, you can do that at PaulsonsMusic.com. It is still not very far along but you can get the general idea of what it is going to look like. All feedback is appreciated on things like that too.

I was thinking about bringing back Our Perspective, the radio podcast Kevin and I started a while ago and then let drop. But then I figured I can’t even keep stuff like this up-to-date very well, how would I keep a podcast up-to-date? So maybe we will look into that issue again this summer or something. But chances are I will be just as busy this summer, but who knows.

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