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Day After Z-Day: I’m Still Alive

Days after Zombie Infection: 1

I have been inside for most of the time since the first zombie was spotted. It’s safer inside. I am though finding that maybe I did not ready myself sufficiently. I am going to have to venture out soon for supplies, water, food, ramen, oreos and the like.

Fortunately, it appears that everything still functions properly, electricity, water, internet, phone services. We will be in good shape until those things start failing I think. As long as I can get on Facebook and Twitter I at least won’t go insane, and I think there are a lot of other survivors with me on that one.

I am currently listening to Dave Matthews Band, he tends to keep me happy in times like this when I feel all alone. Until ‘Gravedigger’ comes on. Then I get depressed for a song or so….

My Maverick is slowly becoming my best friend. I don’t leave home without it anymore. I think that some people are not taking this infestation serious enough. Some don’t have guns at all and talk about “If I saw a zombie I wouldn’t run, I’m not going out of my way to stay safe, it’s not worth it.” That is not a good attitude to have this early on. What happens when your best friend turns? Are you just going to give up? I’m not. You can count on that.

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