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Z-Day Is Coming And There Is Nowhere To Hide

Are you prepared? You know, for the Apocalypse? The Zombie Apocalypse? You better be, it’s coming and it is going to be crRRrrrRRaaaAAAaazzzy! So if you’re not prepared already like the rest of us, I would check out Zombie Survival and Defense Wiki, you should be able to find what you need to at least stand a chance on there.

But this post isn’t really about Z-Day, it’s not really about you surviving, it’s more about Humans vs. Zombies. It’s a game to help get people ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. If you haven’t heard about it yet, check out the website and try to find a game going on somewhere in your area.

So DSU just officially started their game of HvZ yesterday. So far, there are at least 70 people signed up to play.

Now I have not been outside a lot yet, but the times I have been out have been super intense. Patient 0 still has not identified themselves yet, so it could still be anyone. With my trusty Maverick at my side though, I will not fear, for I can stun for ten minutes. It is going to get fun and scary the longer we play. I’m excited.

Goodluck to all those out there playing HvZ, and goodluck to all of you unprepared citizens, for when the zombies come, they show no mercy.

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