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Winning The Lottery Would Suck

Congratulations to Neal Wanless for winning his 232.1 million dollars. He is one of the luckiest people in the world right now. I am definitely jealous. You can check out a local story from the Daily Republic here.

There are a couple things I am not jealous of though. When you actually look at it, Neal will only be taking away 88.5 million dollars from the 232.1 million that he ‘won’. While 88.5 million is still an unimaginably enormous amount of money, it is only 38.1% of the original amount of money that he ‘won’. What is that crap? You just won a lot of money! But we are even going to give you half of it! …..What?

That’s fine, whatever, he is still a very lucky guy, now with a lot of money. I was reading this other article from the Daily Republic about how big lottery winners are isolated and their life will never be the same. It says that the winner has to become a different person, figure out how they are going to use and protect their money and find a way to stay in contact with their friends and other relationships they have. This doesn’t sound like as much fun to me as just spending all that money however you want.

All in all, I think winning the lottery probably isn’t as easy as it should be or seems. But I think, if given the chance, I would take that much money. If anyone has a lot of money that they just want to get rid of, it’s to much of a burden for them, I will take it from you. Neal, if you don’t want that burden on your shoulders, I would lift it from you and carry it myself. Let me know if ever need to get rid of it.

Also, make sure you check out the podcast if you haven’t, we had a great interview with Superintendent Joe Graves about the local elections here in Mitchell. You can find that at HeyTalkTo.Me. Also look around either Thursday or Friday for another episode. Should be a good time.

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