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A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article about a Jeep I saw with the Twitter hashtag, #SeattleBound written on it. If you have read some of my posts before, you know that I love social media and new means of communication. This old tradition of writing something on your car windows mixed with the new media of Twitter hashtags really caught my interest. So, taking a small vacation/road trip this last weekend get me wanting to try this out. Enter #MNVacation.

So what do I do? I decided to try it out myself. I couldn’t help but explore the possibilities of meeting new people, starting conversations and doing things like organizing the entire trip on my website with the #MNVacation hashtag.

Every time I got into the car I was thinking about how many people were seeing this hashtag and how many @replies I was going to receive saying “We saw you!” You know how many I actually got? None. That is zero in math terms. What were we doing wrong? We were definitely driving a lot, we were in populated areas, we were tweeting the hashtag a lot. Why weren’t people starting the conversation with us?

I’m not really sure, maybe they were shy, maybe we were doing something wrong, maybe we just look like weird people and everyone was scared of us. But you know what, there were still some good things to come out of this.

I put a Twitter stream on the #MNVacation tab on my website here and was able to tell our family and friends about it so they were able to watch everything we tweeted about a long the journey. This is also a great archive for us now to go back and look at what we did and saw. All of the pictures we uploaded and all the places we checked in to are all logged with the #MNVacation hashtag.

What are some cool uses of a hashtag that you have seen or used? Let me know in the comments or @DevonSchreiner or @InflectoVita.

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